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 Published on Sunday, 01 June 2014 07:20

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◇By choosing natural stone tiles you made an excellent investment. But in order to retain the beauty, some simple yet important maintenance is needed

The best way to prevent stains on stone is to treat its surface with protective sealer. Sealer fill in natural pores and repel spills on the surface, giving you time to wipe them away before they have a chance to penetrate your stone. Just a few ounce of sealer can protect your stones for years.

◇Some sealers can enhance your stone while others retain stone’s natural hue. Also, different stone types require different grades of sealer depending on what you will be using your stone for and what you want your stone to look like.

◇Except for sealer, choosing the right cleaner is also important for the daily protection. General cleaners not specially for natural stones are never recommended. By the way, keep away from scouring powders and abrasives, as they can easily scratch stone surface.

◇Clean your interior stone and tile floors frequently using a clean, non treated, dry dust mop, as abrasive particles of sand and dirt can damage natural stone surface. Mats of area rugs inside and outside your entrance ways will help minimize damage. Also, be careful when using a vacuum cleaner as the metal or plastic attachments and wheels can scratch the surface.



Stone is one of the most durable of all floorings-when properly installed, it should last the lifetime of a house. This toughness combined with the natural beauty of stone makes it the material of choice where quality and character are important considerations. Stone tile should be sealed and routinely resealed for protection. Because tile and stone floors are heavy and unforgiving of movement, they are applied over a strong, unyielding base; otherwise, they will crack. Wood subfloors are either reinforced with a secondary layer of plywood, cement backer board, or for amore durable application, a mortar bed. Inlays also depend on your budget and personal preferences.

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